Candidate : 3890

Welcome to my Blog. This blog has been set up for the AS coursework of ‘Jack Johnston’ a media student at Gordonstoun. The Main focus of the blog is on Film-Noire.


Task 1 – Realistic form

    • the title of the film – The title didn’t take us that long to decide on, it was a short list of three other titles that were taken from inspiration of classic film-noire film titles.


    • Costumes – We used formal suits, dresses and shirts to re-enact clothing from a scene of a movie called ‘I woke up screaming’ in a jazz club. During this scene all characters are wearing semi-formal wear.


    • Camera work and editing – a bipod was used in many of the shots which helped with the realism of this video. Simple scene change was made between the shots.


    • Font and style- The font was chosen through premier pro, the editing software we used to create the video. It contrasted well with other film-noire titles the best. You can see these titles in the fourth, fifth and ninth pictures bellow.


    • Story/narrative- The story had a fairly complicated look for a film noire film, identifying the good from the bad was the first challenge we wanted to set for the audience. We did this through lack of narrative toward the beginning.


    • genre and suggestions of it – The whole clip was edited into black and white which is the main connection in this movie between film noire and our film. Also common in film noire is the large quantity of movies which have suggestions about what’s going to happen next rather than the movie showing it.


    • Characters – Characters were based on characters that would contrast well on film noire acting.


    • Special FX – No special FX were used in this movie as it would’nt be appropriate for the film type.


Filming – Post production Task 36

The filming was mainly done by one half of the production company while the other focused on Research, Filming took a while with all actors being part of Gordonstoun school meaning getting them together at an appropriate time would be fairly difficult. We had a variety of places to film but the focus was on one building because of the ease of access for the production team.